Dedicated Mobile vs Regular mobile, if you don't the difference... We got a problem

Dedicated Mobile vs Regular mobile, if you don't the difference... We got a problem

Mobile websites are a massive opportunity to connect with your potential and existing client base. Imagine being able to connect with customers on the medium that they depend on, and are attached to the most.... Have you guessed what that could be?

How vulnerable do you feel when you leave your home without your phone, how about when you are killing time or just plain bored. Our phones are with us every second of every day. There are many studies on phone usage and constant attachment we have to them but I don't need to convince you on that. I am sure that much like 99.99% of people you probably don't ever have your phone more than an arm's length away 24/7 days a week.

So.... it would make sense to have your website specifically built with this in mind. Less than 5% of businesses actually have a proper dedicated mobile solution... If you aren't sure the difference between dedicated mobile and just regular mobile then I got news for you... YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. 

Imagine trying to access your online banking through the regular mobile site using your browser and now think to how easy and simple and user-friendly it is to access your banking info through your banking app. It's the same principal, build the experience so that the customer can truly and properly experience your site on their phone.

Mobile websites are an essential part of increasing the efficiency of converting clients from shoppers and passers-by to actual buyers. Help them make it easy and at the same time you will help yourself to the benefits of providing ready to buy clients with an easy path to the results you need. 

We have been building mobile websites for companies over the last 10 years and believe me it works, and it works WELL! If you are in the market for a "more better" solution then we are the company to help with that. We are Calgary's premier provider of custom dedicated mobile sites. 

-and yes I know "more better" is gramatically incorrect but it's much better than having to try to read a website on a phone that hasn't been done by us :)